Please meet our global partner events


Snow Polo World Cup, St. Moritz - Switzerland

St. Moritz is the birthplace of Snow Polo, invented by Reto Gaudenzi in 1985. After St. Moritz Snow Polo, Kitzbühel Snow Polo is the second largest and most know Snow Polo event in the world. We are glad to have them as a partner event, we see many teams compete in both events back to back every season.

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Beach Polo World Cup, Miami Beach - USA

The first Beach Polo event in Miami Beach was launched by Reto and Tito Gaudenzi in 2005, and organized by the father and son duo up until 2018. After that the two decided to separate from their local partner, who continued the event for some year. After 5 years of hard by Tito Gaudenzi and his team to get the event back, they succeeded to do so with the re launch of this pristine event in 2018. And in such a new era of the Beach Polo World Cup, Miami Beach has begins. This is event is not only a partner event to Kitzbühel Snow Polo, but also owned and operated under the same Company led by Tito Gaudenzi.

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Aspen Valley Polo Club, Aspen - USA

Owned and run by Melissa and Marc Ganzi, the Aspen Valley Polo Club has emerged to one of the top polo destination. This club does not only host the annual Snow Polo Championship, but has become a Polo mecca for the summer months hosting low to high goal tournaments. Aspen Valley Polo Club has currently revealed to expand its operations adding more fields and facilities in the next few years.

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Grand Champions Polo Club, Wellington - USA

One of the best Polo Clubs in the United States, located in the Equestrian Capital of the world, Wellington, Florida. Grand Champions Polo Club, which is owned by Melissa and Marc Ganzi, has over 10 Polo fields and over 300 stalls, along with to of the art facilities. This Club hosts numerous tournaments from low goal all the way to 26 goal Polo. Tournaments include the 26 goal league, the international, WCT, amongst many more.

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Cortina Snow Polo Cup, Cortina - Italy

Initiated in 1896, Cortina Snow Polo is the second oldest Snow Polo destination in the world. After having an active run for nearly 30 years. We are glad to announce to ad this as our second Snow Polo event after Kitzbühel. Plans are currently in the works to revive this historic Snow Polo event by 2020.

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Baku Polo Cup, Baku - Azerbaijan

In 2014 Polo was first brought back to Baku, Azerbaijan, of which many argue has early roots of the birth of the sport. For the past five years, World Polo and the Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan have hosted an annual event featuring international teams. Currently they are expanding to build new fields and facilities to host a future European and World Championship.